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Image by Thomas Verbruggen


Monstera plants, also known as Swiss cheese plants or split-leaf philodendrons, are iconic tropical plants prized for their large, glossy leaves and unique foliage patterns. Belonging to the Araceae family, Monstera plants are native to the rainforests of Central and South America, where they climb trees and other structures with their aerial roots.

Monstera Collection


Monstera plants are instantly recognizable for their striking leaves, which are typically large, leathery, and deeply lobed with irregular holes or splits, giving rise to their common name "Swiss cheese plant." The fenestrations (holes) in the leaves are more pronounced as the plant matures. Young Monstera plants typically have solid leaves that develop splits as they grow older. The foliage is glossy and dark green, adding a touch of tropical elegance to any space.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Monstera plants make stunning decorative additions to interior spaces, adding a touch of tropical flair with their bold foliage and architectural presence. They can be used as focal points in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, or incorporated into greenery-filled corners or plant groupings to create lush, jungle-like atmospheres. Also known to be grown in gardens to provide that lush-jungle lifestyle. 

Growth Habit:

Monstera plants are climbers in their natural habitat, using their aerial roots to attach themselves to trees and climb towards the light. When grown indoors, they can be trained to climb up moss poles, trellises, or other support structures. Alternatively, they can be left to trail gracefully from hanging baskets or elevated surfaces. With proper support, Monstera plants can grow quite large, making them impressive statement plants in any interior setting.

Care and Maintenance:

Monstera plants are relatively low-maintenance, but they benefit from occasional pruning to remove dead or damaged leaves and encourage bushier growth. Cleaning the leaves with a damp cloth or showering them gently under lukewarm water helps keep them free from dust and pests. Fertilize Monstera plants with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength during the growing season (spring and summer) to support healthy growth.

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